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Rsgoldfast - You have to visit any port in Runescape

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Now, to begin your adventure at sea, then you have to visit any port in Runescape. Now you can buy the"Frame" of the boat for a certain amount of money depending on what it is made out of. The frame and boat itself is going to be made from wood. As soon as you purchase the frame from the bar or whoever is in control you must get stuff. Now it is much like building.

Now the frame itself can be three distinct sizes. Small frames cost 10k, Medium frames price 50k and Large frames cost 100k. Nowadays you get started nailing the planks on to the frame until you've completed the framework. You'll need about 100 planks total to finish the outside of the ship. As your level progress, you'll be able to add more to a boat. You can increase size of your ship or even purchase more than one boat. Think about it. An whole armada of ships under your control (If you're loaded at least).

As soon as you finish the outside of the boat you need to work on the interior. You can pay a work crew to build decks, crew cabins (Crews will be clarified later) and distinct rooms (Most types of building rooms). You need boards to create this and also you can now utilize metal bars. 1 thing you should have constantly is that a wheel which comes with the framework. As soon as you get this done it is possible to go down a ladder and begin building chambers.

Moderate ship has 2 lower decks along with the massive boat has up to 3 lower decks. Now if you want to employ a team you may. They're very similar to servants in building but preform different tasks. There is a navigator, cook, cannon-man (Operates weapons in mini-game - explained later) or even a repairman to repair you ship. To support you crew you need to pay them money and give them crew-quarters to sleep in. Now when you head out to sea you might also store supplies such as food and drinks including alchohal.

Now when you go out to sea you cannot be attacked by other players ships however you could be stopped and searched by a patrol vessel. They'll board your ship to ensure you aren't smugiling people or weapons. However, you may have passengers that will pay a fare up to 10k depending on how big your boat. BTW You Cannot Summon Familiars or other things.

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